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What Can Go Wrong With Your Furnace?

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If your furnace is malfunctioning, it can be a considerable inconvenience. Not only will it be uncomfortable to live in your home in the winter, but it can also be dangerous. The furnace may leak and put you and your family in danger. That is why you should immediately schedule a furnace repair in Cabot, AR as soon as you notice a problem with your heating system.

10 Common Furnace Issues

Furnaces tend to break down during the coldest months of the year. While you can’t prevent every issue, being aware of the most common furnace problems can help you troubleshoot and hopefully fix the problem before it becomes a significant inconvenience.

1. Furnace doesn’t turn on.

This is often a result of an issue with the thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat is set to “heat” and that it’s properly calibrated.

If the thermostat is in proper working condition and the right setting, but the furnace is still not working, check to ensure that there’s power going to the furnace. The circuit breaker may have just tripped. If you cannot find what’s causing the problem, feel free to contact our team for furnace repair in Cabot, AR.

2. Furnace runs but doesn’t generate heat.

Check the thermostat first if the furnace runs but doesn’t heat your home. It should be set to heat. If there’s no problem with the thermostat and its setting, check the pilot light or electronic ignition system and the gas supply (if the furnace is gas-powered). Furnaces usually have this issue when there’s insufficient gas supply or a dirty malfunctioning ignition system.

3. Furnace is leaking water.

Water leak can result from a problem in the condensation line, clogging in the condensation tubing, or any other pump issues. You may also find puddles of water near or under your heating system if there are humidifier problems.

A water leak may pose a safety risk, so call a furnace repair technician in Cabot, AR before it is too late.

4. Odd noise from the furnace.

If you’ve been around furnaces for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the strange noises they can make. While some of these noises are normal and nothing to worry about, others could be a good indication that a component is about to fail.

One common noise that furnaces make is a rattling sound. This sound could be caused by several things, such as a loose part or obstruction in the airflow. You may also hear your furnace making a humming sound; this could be due to many issues, such as a motor problem or dirty filters. If you hear these or any odd sounds, it’s essential to have your furnace fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

5. There are hot and cold spots.

When there are hot and cold spots in your place, it means the furnace doesn’t heat your space evenly. This often occurs when there’s a problem with the ductwork. Ensure that all of the vents in your home are open and that the ducts are properly sealed. It can also be a problem with the unit itself. Hot and cold spots may occur when the furnace is not the correct size.

6. House is not getting warm enough.

This is often a problem with the insulation or with the size of the furnace. Make sure that your home is properly insulated and that the furnace is the right size for your needs. In this case, you might need a furnace replacement instead of furnace repair in Cabot, AR. Either way, you can ask your local HVAC contractor which option is the best.

7. Furnace runs constantly

There are a few potential reasons your furnace is constantly running, and the most common one is a dirty filter. If your air filter is clogged, your heating unit has to work harder to push air through it, which can cause it to run constantly. You should change your filter every month to prevent this from happening.

Another possible reason for a constantly running furnace is that it’s not calibrated correctly. This can be caused by several factors, such as incorrect installation or a change in the surrounding environment. A heating repair professional in Cabot, AR can quickly determine the root cause of the problem and fix it in no time.

8. Utility bills are increasing even though the furnace isn’t working any harder.

This is often a sign of a problem with the furnace itself. The technician may find that the furnace needs to be cleaned or repaired to work more efficiently.

9. Furnace smells bad.

If you smell gas, your furnace might be leaking. Generally, if the air coming from your furnace smells terrible, turn it off and schedule a heating repair in Cabot, AR immediately.

10. Holes in the heat exchanger.

If you see any holes in the heat exchanger, turn the furnace off and call a technician immediately. This is a serious problem and can be dangerous. Cracked or damaged heat exchangers will cause a carbon monoxide leak. As mentioned above, CO is a hazardous gas.

By being aware of the most common furnace problems, you can troubleshoot and hopefully fix the issue before it becomes a major inconvenience.

Repair or Replacement: How To Know Which One To Get

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make when your furnace breaks is whether to repair it or replace it. Both options have pros and cons, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Furnace repair in Cabot, AR can be a more affordable option in the short term, but it might not be the best long-term solution. If your furnace is old or has been malfunctioning often, it might be time to replace it. Replacing your furnace can be more expensive upfront, but it will save you money in the long run because the unit will be more energy-efficient and won’t require frequent repair.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to DIY or hire a professional. DIYing a furnace repair can save you some money, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hiring a furnace repair expert in Cabot, AR to fix your furnace is a more expensive option, but it will guarantee that the job is done correctly.

In the end, the decision to repair or replace your furnace depends on a variety of factors. Do some research and talk to professionals to find out what’s best for your home.

Why You Should Not Procrastinate On Furnace Repair

One of the crucial things in your home is your furnace. It keeps you warm all winter long and ensures that you are not freezing in your own house.

However, like any other piece of machinery, your furnace will need occasional repairs. One thing you should never do, though, is procrastinating on those repairs. Here’s why:

1) Procrastinating on furnace repairs can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

If you wait too long to have a repair done on your furnace, it may end up breaking completely. This could mean needing to buy a whole new furnace, which is much more expensive than just repairing the old one. So don’t put it off – if you notice something is wrong with your furnace, schedule a furnace repair in Cabot, AR immediately.

2) Procrastinating on furnace repairs can be dangerous.

A malfunctioning furnace can cause more issues like health problems for you and your family, as well as expensive energy bills. In extreme cases, it could even lead to a fire in your home. So don’t wait – if you think there’s something wrong with your furnace, get it checked out right away.

3) Procrastinating on furnace repairs may be stressful.

You may worry that the furnace will break completely and that you’ll be without heat in the middle of winter. You may also worry about how much the repair will cost. So don’t put yourself through all this stress – if you think something is wrong with your furnace, have it checked out right away.

So if you’re thinking of putting off a furnace repair, think again. If you are ready to schedule or need a furnace repair in Cabot, AR, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

At Noland Heat and Air, we are committed to providing you the best furnace repair in Cabot, AR and surrounding cities. Our team will give our best to give you the best experience working with us. Our highly trained technicians can fix any kind of furnace problem. So if your furnace is acting up, please feel free to get in touch.

Additionally, we’re available 24/7. We know that furnaces can malfunction at any time of the day. Some properties just cannot afford to wait for another day to have their furnace fixed. So we make sure there are reliable professionals you can call when you require a furnace repair in Cabot, AR. Call us at (501) 530-9474 or fill out our online form to get started.


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