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Your furnace has been reliable for years and every winter, it provides you the steady warmth you need to get it through the winter. However, one day, your heating system stops working and you wonder what went wrong?

Many furnaces are reliable and robust to run for many years. However, keeping up with regular furnace maintenance in Cabot, AR is the key to ensure long-term use of your heating system.

Noland Furnace Maintenance Cabot, AR

At Noland Heat and Air, we know how important your furnace is to daily life and especially when the winter hits, so we aim to avoid damage or complete system failure at all costs. This can be avoided with annual furnace maintenance. Our team of professional and reliable technicians can provide regular furnace and equipment inspection to ensure that your heater is working efficiently and prevent any complications from developing.

Why Do You Need Furnace Maintenance?

When your heater operates day-in and day-out, dirt, dust, and microbes can build up inside and cause corrosion of your heater. Having seasonal furnace maintenance can help protect and preserve the efficiency of its internal components.

Without routine maintenance, your heater can break down and the burners can also corrode easily. The most evident danger is having carbon monoxide leaks which are critical to keeping up with your routine furnace maintenance appointments.

Here are a couple of reasons why you need to be serious with furnace maintenance schedules:

  • Improve energy efficiency resulting to a decrease in heating bills
  • Enhance performance of your heater to ensure you’re comfortable indoors
  • Diagnose and fix small problems to avoid any future breakdowns
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Ensure safety
  • Extend service life of your heating system

What to Expect with Furnace Maintenance

Furnace evaluation or assessment will be made by our professional and licensed HVAC technicians to ensure that we got every nook and corner covered. Check-up and cleaning of your heating system is the main focus of any furnace maintenance in Cabot, AR.

Here’s a checklist of what you can expect with furnace maintenance services:

  • Adjustment of fan belts
  • Lubrication of motor parts
  • Check voltage
  • Inspect electrical connection
  • Check and verify exhaust system
  • Assess heat exchanger
  • Inspect and clean burner
  • Check gas or oil connections
  • Check system controls
  • Replace air filters
  • Check and clear condensate drainage
  • Verify carbon monoxide levels
  • Assess thermostat level

Do I Really Need Yearly Furnace Maintenance?

Many homeowners seem to forget about furnace maintenance. So, a lot of people are asking if it’s really necessary to have a yearly maintenance of heating systems.

Well, yes, your heating system needs annual maintenance because it goes through a tremendous workload while trying to keep you warm in the cold months. The day-to-day operations put a lot of stress and strain on your furnace and if you skip maintenance then it can hamper its overall performance.

Furnaces that have been neglected for so long will have to bear the risks of having ridiculously high energy bills, unnecessary and costly repairs, as well as discomfort.

More so, most manufacturers also require annual maintenance of furnaces by certified HVAC technicians as part of the warrantly. You will lose warranty coverage if you skip annual maintenance.

Stress-Free with Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance should always be a top priority for your home. At Noland Heat and Air, we always keep you on top of your yearly furnace maintenance visits.

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