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Do you find yourself shivering on a winter night? Or maybe your fan is working overtime on a sweltering summer day, but it just doesn’t cut it? When comfort seems distant, it’s Noland Heat and Air to the rescue! Bringing superior heating and cooling services to the Kensett community, we’ve made it our mission to keep you and your loved ones cozy all year round.

Why Kensett Residents Trust Noland Heat and Air

Unparalleled Experience:

  • Decades in the Business: With our deep roots in the HVAC industry, we have weathered all seasons and challenges. Over the years, we’ve constantly updated our skills and equipment to provide only the best for Kensett.

  • Local Expertise: Our experience isn’t just broad; it’s local. We understand Kensett’s climate nuances, ensuring your HVAC solutions are tailored to our unique weather patterns.

Certified Technicians:

  • Rigorous Training: Before they wear our badge, every technician undergoes an extensive training program, absorbing the industry’s best practices.

  • Continuous Learning: The HVAC world is ever-evolving. Our technicians continually update their knowledge, ensuring they’re always ahead in delivering the most efficient services.

Outstanding Customer Service:

  • Personalized Solutions: We recognize that each home or business has distinct HVAC needs. Our team conducts thorough inspections, offering solutions tailor-made to your specific requirements.

  • Transparent Communication: Honesty is our best policy. From clear quotations to explaining our processes, we keep you in the loop at every step.

  • Prompt Responses: Time is of the essence, especially when comfort is at stake. Our team always responds quickly to your queries and service requests, minimizing discomfort or downtime.

Commitment to Quality:

  • Top-of-the-line Equipment: We utilize only the best and most reliable equipment in the market, ensuring your HVAC systems function flawlessly.

  • Safety First: Our technicians are trained to deliver optimal performance and ensure the highest safety standards, keeping your premises and its inhabitants secure.

Our Heating and Cooling Services in Kensett

Efficient Heating Solutions: From repairs to installing state-of-the-art heating systems, our team ensures your home remains a cozy sanctuary even during the coldest days.

Cooling Mastery: Survive Kensett’s hottest days with our expert AC installation, maintenance, and repair services. We ensure your home stays refreshingly cool, providing a much-needed respite from the summer heat.

Commercial HVAC Services: We understand the unique requirements of commercial spaces. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance for HVAC systems in businesses of all sizes, ensuring your operations continue smoothly without any temperature-related hitches.

Energy-Efficient Audits: Looking to cut down on energy costs and be more environmentally friendly? Our energy audits assess the efficiency of your current HVAC systems, offering valuable insights and recommendations on how to optimize and save.

Regular Maintenance: Our technicians are adept at regular maintenance to ensure your HVAC systems have a longer lifespan. By catching issues before they become problems, we save you time, stress, and money.


Bringing Comfort Back to Kensett Homes

We believe that comfort is more than just a thermostat setting; it’s a way of life. In Kensett, where every season paints a different story, our homes should be sanctuaries of solace, protecting us from the whims of Mother Nature.

Every household has its unique rhythm, and at Noland Heat and Air, we tailor our services to echo that individuality. Whether it’s the soft hum of an efficient AC during a summer barbecue or the warm embrace of heating on a quiet winter evening, we make moments memorable. Our commitment goes beyond equipment and technicalities—integrating HVAC solutions seamlessly into your daily life, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and ease.

Additionally, with the growing global emphasis on sustainability, we’re not just focused on immediate comfort. Our team also prioritizes long-term well-being for our clients and our planet. With energy-efficient solutions and regular maintenance, we ensure that today’s comfort doesn’t come at tomorrow’s expense.

Our goal is to be a silent partner in your life’s most comforting moments, ensuring that every day in Kensett feels just right, from sunrise to sunset.

FAQs for Our Kensett Clients

1) How often should I have my HVAC system serviced? 

Regular maintenance is key! We recommend at least once a year for both heating and cooling systems. This ensures optimal performance and longevity.

2) Are your technicians certified? 

Absolutely! Every Noland Heat and Air technician is certified and trained to provide top-tier services for our Kensett community.

3) Do you offer warranties or guarantees on your services?

Yes, we stand by the quality of our work. Specific warranties and guarantees may vary based on the service, but we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

4) How do energy-efficient audits benefit me?

Our energy audits identify areas where you might be losing energy (and money!) and provide actionable steps to remedy them. By optimizing your system’s efficiency, you can lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

5) Do you provide HVAC solutions for both residential and commercial properties?

Absolutely! Whether you have a cozy home or a sprawling commercial space, our team is equipped to handle HVAC needs of any scale.

Join the Noland Heat and Air Family in Kensett Today!

Don’t let discomfort rob you of your peace. Trust in the HVAC expertise of Noland Heat and Air to bring comfort back into your Kensett home. With our exceptional services, experienced technicians, and undying commitment to customer satisfaction, we promise you a seamless and satisfactory experience.

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Whether you’re facing an HVAC dilemma or want to ensure your system is in top shape, we’re here to help. Contact us to book an appointment or to speak with one of our experts. Kensett, it’s time to embrace comfort with Noland Heat and Air!


Our highly trained and expert technicians respond to HVAC calls from residents and businesses in Searcy, AR and the surrounding areas. See the complete list of our service areas below. If you cannot find your location, please get in touch, and we’ll find ways to extend our service to you.

Commercial HVAC Companies Searcy, AR



Our highly trained and expert technicians respond to HVAC calls from residents and businesses in Searcy, AR and the surrounding areas. See the complete list of our service areas below. If you cannot find your location, please get in touch, and we’ll find ways to extend our service to you.

Commercial HVAC Companies Searcy, AR
HVAC Company Searcy, AR