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Your home can’t survive the cold winter without a working furnace. Yes, you can’t do without a heating system that allows you to run your day-to-day activities with ease. However, like everything else, furnaces get old and will need furnace repair Cabot, AR.

Noland Same Day Furnace Repair in Cabot, AR

When your furnace starts to lose its integrity and depreciate in efficiency and performance, then repairs become inevitable. Did you know that furnace repairs can actually add more years to your equipment? Yes, although you might look at repairs as an unnecessary expense, it can actually increase its heating power and extend its lifespan.

Signs that My Gas Furnace Needs Repair

Gas furnaces can last for about 15 to 20 years, with proper routine tune-ups in place. However, repairs also become a major part of boosting its working efficiency and below are some furnace issues that warrant repair:

Damaged Gas Line. If your heater seems to fail to heat up your home or not blowing enough warm air, then the gas line may be to blame. Check if the pilot is green and the gas source is on. If both are working then it’s time to set an appointment for furnace repair.

Defective Gas Control Valve. As years go by, gas control valves may start to malfunction. Once you suspect gas control line problems, it’s recommended to call on your trusted HVAC company to get the necessary furnace repair Cabot, AR or replacement done. Any issues with the gas control valves must be treated as an emergency and would need immediate attention.

Advantages of Using Gas Furnaces

Clean Gas. Using gas furnaces is environmentally friendly compared to using electricity. It’s considered a clean gas or fuel because it has very minimal nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide content compared to oil which helps protect the environment. This is definitely a great way to go green with your heating systems.

Affordable. The use of natural gas is cheaper compared to using electricity in your HVAC system. While electric furnaces are convenient to use, it’s cheaper and decreases your energy bills.

Warms Efficiently. A gas furnace is ideal for very cold climates because it warms up your home fast. Its combustion process allows it to reach high temperature levels compared to using electric furnaces.

Accessible and Robust Supply. Gas furnace is considered to be the most popular and preferred type of heating system because of the unlimited and accessible supply of gas. You won’t run out of natural gas and you can use your furnace even in power outages – a major plus point.

Your Emergency is Ours Too!

Are you in need of immediate furnace repair? We got you. We treat your emergency repair needs as our emergency too. So, if your furnace malfunctions in the middle of the cold winter night or even during holidays, we’ll fly to the rescue.

You can entrust us with your home heating systems as we provide comprehensive HVAC services that include furnace installation, repair, maintenance, and indoor air quality. We focus on lowering monthly utility costs by improving your systems energy efficiency in all our repairs and services!

At Noland Heat and Air, our goal is to keep you warm this winter, that’s why we offer quick and same-day furnace repair! For your emergency furnace repair needs, contact us at (501) 827-1979 for a free estimate and to schedule your furnace repair Cabot, AR.



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